Observations from the Bottom of the Laundry Pile

Our house is messy. Don't get me wrong, we're still at least seven cats shy of a visit from the Health Inspector. We've made progress in the yard, planting flowers and cleaning the pond. We've worked on long-overdue thank you notes. We got some groceries in... We've taken time for fun things, too - a Justin Roberts musical concert for the little people, Vietnamese take-out dinner for the big people, a little hot tub time, pedicures, double stroller walks, wine on the front porch this evening... But we're running out of clean things to wear. We have some serious floordrobe issues. (You know, we wear clothes off the floor sometimes. You've done it.)
What I've observed though, is that life goes on. So our clothes are wrinkled and perhaps spit up on, so our house is dusty and dog-haired. Not such a big deal after all. Because there are bigger things to worry about, better things to do.
Still, the last thing I should be doing is updating the blog with photos and stories. But I couldn't resist sharing a couple photos from the weekend. And then I'll tackle the laundry...



Adam and Vicky said...

I especially love the rosey piggies!

Christy said...

Did Cel like the hot tub? Emma didn't care too much for the pool last summer. I'm wondering how she'll like it now. Lovin' those toes!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

1) I think that the washer is the one with the lid on the "top."
2) Caution... don't re-use items from the "dirty diaper" pile.
3) HAVE MO' FUN!!!

Love to all 4

The Wendels said...

I vote for blog updating rather than laundry because I love reading about the kids!

Anonymous said...

I always remind myself that I DON'T want "She had a clean house and the laundry was always done" on my tombstone!! I want "She enjoyed every moment of life!"

I love Celia's painted piggies!!