One Year

Sometimes anger spills out of my fingertips and spreads across the computer screen. Sometimes, sadness. Sometimes, boastfulness. Sometimes I hit publish, leaving the words for the world. Sometimes, I press delete. Either way, the words get out.
Our blog is one year old today. Last year, when we began this blog, the words we shared told how we used to play in the backyard pond after dinner. We shared words and pictures to document how we made s'mores and mastered utensils, how we went to Cosi and to football games. And then we noticed something wasn't quite right, but we didn't share much right away. And then we realized something was wrong. And we started to share more.
Our blog has changed a lot in one year. Our lives have changed even more.
We don't get to share the things we wish we could share, no funny stories about what Celia did or said, no trips to the playground, no riding trikes, no song or dance. Sometimes we may share too much. But writing helps us - it helps us through rough times, and it helps us remember happier times.
Knowing that so many people care enough to check in with us helps a lot, too. It helps to know we're in the thoughts of so many who read, and we cherish your interest in our lives. Some of you chime in, or e-mail responses to our words and images. Some of you talk to us in real life about our posts, about our kids. But we don't write to garner comments or spark conversations. We write because it helps. Cradling our experience in words is somehow therapeutic, healing as we record.
Thank you, dear blog readers, for cradling our family through such a difficult year. Your eyes and ears, your arms and hearts, your kind words spoken and thought... sometimes that's good therapy, too.
Four hands, April 2007


Poppy John said...

J. B. & A. M. B,

If "blog posting" was an Olympic sport, they would think you guys were using performance enhancing drugs. Strong work.

Love To All 4

P.S. If you do use "pot" to write, use a clean needle.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and enjoy reading it every day. I am glad you have an outlet for all of your thoughts, happiness, sadness and pain. Happy 1 year blogging!!

Beth Ann said...

Thank you too. Reading your blog is part of my daily routine. I relish sharing your joys and your good days. I sympathize and ache with you on the not so good ones. Please continue this therapy.

MzLiz said...

Your sharing touches our hearts and souls. You may not see or hear us, but we send positive vibes and love your way on a daily basis.
Thank you for sharing and opening hearts and minds.
Reid and Liz B.

from the royal fortress meadow said...

I just caught up with your blog though I have kept you in prayer. Keep posting-- both the beautiful days and the sucky ones and the ones that are strangely both all mixed together.
KP (one of the random cousins who eat Tim & Jan's food every Thanksgiving)