Lucky Stars

If we were using sticker charts to track Tuck's development, if his achievements were documented with gold stars, we might be able to share things like:

Archery: five stars
If my shirt were a target for his digestive arrows, Tuck consistently hits the bullseye.

Sleeping: three stars
Tucker knows how to sleep well.  He can do it. But he needs practice. We're working on bribing him with the promise of unlimited texting and his own Facebook page. 

Eating: four stars
Although he mastered the mouth to nipple union instantly, he didn't like his first morsel of chocolate cake.  Clearly, there is room for progress here.

Cuteness: five stars
He makes baby kittens jealous.  And furry bunnies holding hands and sliding down rainbows carrying buckets of sunshine have nothing on him.

But we don't do sticker charts.  Although, we can say with confidence, Tuck puts stars in our eyes.  His future is bright.  At least as a cute archer...



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. 5 stars all the way!!

Beth Ann said...

Will he be Robin Hood for Halloween??? Celia would make a perfect Maid Marion to compliment him!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is it too early to predict Tucker's archery skill outcome in the Rio 2016 Olympics? I know this, it won't be long before he is "helping" you around the house and you can "tip" him with cheerios!(Not cake.)

5 Stars To All 4

Check this out...This A M. Grandma Sandy and I were in town and we ran into a girl from my "past." The lady stated that my new sunglasses really looked "cool." When we got back home, Sandy took the sunglasses and George Foreman grilled them!!! She handed them back to me and said, "How 'cool' are they now, Bucko?"
She keeps telling me that she will get along better with her 3rd husband. She should get help...or drugs.

The Wendels said...

I agree and I'll have to work on the chocolate cake; which means Tucker will need to come over for a play date!