Wishing we could pull one out of a hat.

(both photos of CEB, fall 2007)


Joyce Donahue said...
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Joyce Donahue said...

Brian is also hoping we'll pull one out of the hat........Here's hoping Tucker can have some influence! His pictures alone should do it.

Poppy John said...

"THE" Ohio State University...
the school where it's easier to get a STD than a parking place on game day. Tucker should consider going to Iowa, or Wisconsin, or Michigan, or any SEC school.
I haven't been so upset(after the game last week)since "Wilson" fell off of the raft and floated away!
Great pics, though!


P.S. Poppy John Helpfull Hint(PJHH) #106..."When hosting a party and finding yourself running low on coasters...old socks make a handy substitute."

rht said...

Thank you for that Buckeye Princess smile... I had forgotten there was a time when her hair could be contained under a hat!