Raise Raze

We can’t say that we’re raising Celia. We had wide open spaces in our hearts for her to grow up in, but we won’t get to see her to maturity. Now, we can only try to keep her comfortable. And most of the time, lately, she seems to be.

But when she isn't comfortable, or when we allow ourselves to think beyond the moment, her disease seems to raze us. We try not to let it destroy us, don’t want it to tear us to pieces.
And it won’t, not completely.


The Wendels said...
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The Wendels said...

She looks so peaceful; I'd like to snuggle up next to Celia for a long peaceful nap in the sun

Diana said...

When I gaze at her face in this picture, I recognize our connectedness to things larger than ourselves. To a world bigger than what we can know. And it's as though, somehow, she has become wiser than me.

Anonymous said...

she's just too beautiful for words