Regarding Thanks and Giving

Plenty of people tell us they’ve been blessed through our adversity. And although it’s lovely to hear, that our daughter or our example or our words are a blessing, an inspiration, it’s not what we’d choose. And although we don’t always feel blessed, even in the unwelcome moments and even when we feel like we’re giving up a whole lot, we do have plenty to be thankful for.



Poppy John said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love 2 All 4,
Poppy John and Grandma Sandy

P.S. "Hola"...we are back in the USA.
P.P.S. Remember that today is a good day to wear your elastic stuff...eat and nap!

Friend Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love seeing Celia smile at Tucker! Hug them both close to you today - we are thankful for knowing all of you!

Anonymous said...

Awww, man....those are frame-worthy. Love it. Made me smile today.