The Shoe Fits

Two years ago, we took Celia to OSU, with Grandpa Rod's sister Cherie along to capture Celie's first visit to the Horseshoe.

CEB - OSU, fall 2007

Cherie went with us again last week, to take photographs of Tucker's first experience at the stadium. Through some stroke of serendipity, a gentleman walking past (whom we later learned was the AD of Finance and Operations) asked whether we'd rather take pictures on the field. He unlocked the gate and led us into the stadium and onto the turf. Several minutes later, football players began to arrive for practice. The Buck's long-snapper offered Tucker the football, and arranged it next to him so the OSU logo would show, while the punter tickled Tuck and talked to him. All of this inspired lots of smiles, which Cherie expertly suspended in time.

For a family photo session that seemed semi-bittersweet, the scales tipped toward the sweet side last week. Mr. Jay's kind invitation, the sincere interest of the special teams guys, the look on Tucker's face as he crossed into the endzone -- these things will all be part of the story we'll recount to Tuck someday, about his first time on the field.



Christy said...

Beautiful pics! How cool is that?!

Poppy John said...

Honey bunches of Buckeyes...
coolest video ever!!!
I'm just gonna do a little touchdown dance...and pass out.


Poppy John's Helpful Hint(PJHH)#17...We ran out of red cups at Sally's tailgate last weekend, so I just drank beer out of an inverted cowbell.

Amy said...

"Buckeye Tuck" has a very nice ring to it. Those are GREAT pics!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Awesome! That is awesome!!!!

The Wendels said...

Chills from head to toe!

Joyce Donahue said...

What a tremendous opportunity in picture taking. Puts me in mind of Chris's first visit to the stadium and his first game. What great cement to keep the loyalty to the bucks forever alive.