I don't imagine there's a single person reading this blog who hasn't already done something for Celia.  You've donated in support of Mandy's triathalon, contributed directly to BDSRA, prayed for strength and comfort, shared kind words and heartfelt notes and extra hands, purchased Cardthartic cards and Dave's Homeroast and Jeri's beads*, delivered flowers and meals and hugs.  You've given us your hearts to borrow while ours were breaking. 
We worry, though.  We worry that we don't appear grateful enough, that everyone is tired of our grief and our requests for continued support of BDSRA.  But, there is no cure.  There is no cure.  We are required to stand by helplessly as our child is betrayed by her body. Raising awareness, and raising money for research, is currently our only defense against the disease.
So, if you're willing to do more, and if you're able to join us, the Batten Disease Support & Research Association is holding the First Annual Barkin' for Batten Charity Dog Walk this weekend, May 22nd at 11:00am in Gahanna.  Visit Barkin' for Batten for more information and/or to register your dog for the walk. Even if you don't have a dog, or you live too far away, there are ways you can help.  Become a virtual walker, consider spreading the news through social media, or mention the event to dog-loving friends.  Know that if you can't help this time, there will be more opportunities.  Until there is a cure, there will be opportunities.  And if we haven't made it abundantly clear, we are SO GRATEFUL for all that you've already done.
We'll look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday.  Colby's dogs might be barkin' after the walk, but he'd do anything for his sister.  And as luck would have it, it looks like someone owes Colby a foot rub anyway...

*The Beads for Batten sale concluded last week, with a donation - in honor of Celia - made to BDSRA.  Nearly $3800 was raised, and will be doubled by Emma's Hugs and designated for infantile research.  Again, there aren't any words big enough to express our appreciation.

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Poppy John said...

I'M IN...see you Saturdy! Grandma Sandy can't make it. Her court ordered ankle bracelet(200' range type this time)doesn't come off until next Tuesday. If "Sparky the Wonder Dog" is around, I'll bring him. The neighbor's dog is in heat and Sparky may have a date. Could we get extra BDSRA donations if Sparky does kegstands?
P.S. Just curious...does beer have calories? That would explain a lot.