The Best Kind of Busy

Walking the dog 
and working in the yard
and enjoying a slider buffet
and playing "night night" with all the best pillows
and ordering sushi
and visiting the polar bears
and snuggling after bath time
and turning everything into a "hat"
and eating popcorn on the front porch...
...leaves us little time to update the blog. 
But don't worry about us, we're finding happy in all kinds of places!


Christy said...

I'm so glad! Happy is a good thing!

The Wendels said...

Night night is played often in our house too! Looks like Tucker is feeling better :)

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Sounds like T is tough to slow down. Have you tried the new "kid size taser"? Just curious.
P.S. Woke up to Mr. Rodgers on T.V. and a $107 pizza bill. Never again. I mean it this time!

Debi said...

May each day be filled with moments to celebrate!
Love and hugs and prayers,
(Yes, same cyber-friend, new photo!)

Beth Ann said...

Lovin' the happy reports! Especially popcorn on the front porch, I'm thinking I want some right now!!!