Save Second Base

Tucker may not be ready to run the 5K, but Amy Parrish's Komen Columbus fundraiser let him play a small part in the fight against breast cancer.

Visit Amy at her studio on Thursday, May 13th from 4-7pm for your own pink pictures. There are no session fees, no reservations necessary, and $7 from every $10 print ordered will be donated to Komen Columbus.

To support another cause that hits close to home, consider stopping by the Beads for Batten sale, also Thursday evening, May 13th from 4-7pm in Gallipolis.


Adam and Vicky said...

Tucker looks great in pink!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE T's pink "Save Second Base" t-shirt! However, don't you feel that you may be aiding him in growing up to be Poppy John Crazy(PJC)?
P.S. Poppy John's Helpful Hints(PJHH) #55...If you play "fireball" beer pong...wear ove gloves.

Beth Ann said...

Where did you get the shirt??? if I take Luke and Mark they simply must have one just like it! GREAT photo of Tucker BTW!!!