It's Not Easy Being

This concrete frog has been in the Gills family for five generations.  The earliest notes on the bottom indicate its existence in 1922.
Much like Poppy John remembers carrying it around as a child at his Grandma Nell's house, where it served as a kitchen door stop, Tuck carried it around at Poppy's.  After several minutes of ribbiting, he carefully nestled the heavy amphibian next to his sister and said to himself, "nice."  He hears that praise often, as he's so good to her.  They are both very easy to love.


zarniegall said...

I love this photo...I love that the frog, has been around so long and is watching over her now with eyes as big and beautiful as her's...and I most of all love the "nice" comment because that is what we have used for the boyz since before they were one...that Tuck is so sweet!

Poppy John said...