Although I've had good intentions for how Tucker might use the water table -- as a place to help me scrub fresh fruits and vegetables and to sift rocks, to shampoo the baby doll's hair and to talk about temperature -- he's really only interested in following his own docket.  He likes to drink the water from big spoons, nonpotable as it may be, and he likes to dump it from buckets, necessitating a refill from the hose.  
I notice water dripping from his fingers and saturating his shorts, I watch as he sloshes and splashes and spills, and I'm glad to table my own notions of an agenda.


Christy said...

Sometimes they have the best ideas. He's such a happy little thing!

Poppy John said...

Those pics remind me of Grandma Sandy when she gets a handle bottle of vodka.


Amy said...

Haven't said hi in awhile but your family has been in my thoughts. Glad to see Tucker and Celia are having a good summer! Hope you're all doing well.