On Seeing, and Believing

We took Celia to campus yesterday.  She couldn't see her own sunset curls reflected in Mirror Lake, but she could hear the chiming of the bells.  She didn't watch as her brother raced across the Oval, but she could feel the bumpy bricks as the stroller tried to keep up.  She couldn't take in the grandeur of the new student Union, but we described to her, in detail, the way the tile is inlaid with block Os, the way the bronze Brutus has one finger in the air, a winning smile across his face.  She couldn't see, and as much as there was to look at, we couldn't take our eyes off of her.


We named her Celia.  An alluring trio of syllables.

It's a family name, one with variations we fancied.  Celie Goose, among them.  And she was, not even for a year though, a silly little girl -- long enough for the nicknames to roll right off our tongues, but not nearly long enough.
We learned, once we searched its origins, that her name means "blind."  Oh, how sad would that be, to have a daughter who was blind, we'd said.  If only we could talk to those people now, the ones who hadn't yet grown parent hearts, who thought they knew what sad would be.
We decided to ignore the worrisome meaning behind the name, to give her the name that we loved, the one that ancestors carried before her.
She won't be named valedictorian, or captain of the debate team.  She'll never be pronounced Mrs., or called mama.  But she's been called some lovely things.  

We named her Celia.
Less often, some sources indicate that Celia means "heaven."  I believe it does.


Miriam said...

She's certainly blinded me with her beauty and I'm sure the angels in Heaven feel the exact same way as they look down upon her.

Poppy John said...

No doubt that the artistic intent of the "winning smile Brutus, with one finger in the air" is a tribute to both the the Bucks and the Betz. Hearts of champions.


courtney said...

Been following blog for a long time, and I am very touched by your beautiful daughter and family.
Prior to becoming a parent, when I used to hear of someone's child having a heart murmor or some other issue, I would think how hard that would be. My mind would wonder how would I be able to go on. Then something happened and knocked me to my knees and reset my gauge on what I could handle. I have been through nothing near what you and your family are trudging through, but my prayers and heart are with you. I have a new appreciation for what having a healthy child (or children)means that I couldnt have imagined 5 years ago and I work hard to not take life for granted. Seeing your beauty and strength perservere, is humbling. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, as always.

zarniegall said...

I just see a beautiful girl who resembles a fairy or an angel : ) Just out of curiosity, what was Tuck doing on campus? Headed there on Saturday for a work open house and going to take the boyz around!! Slightly nervous...

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

She is definitely gorgeous! I would go with heaven, for sure. It is heaven getting to hold and care for these beautiful babes, isn't it!