Something happens to my hopeful heart when I spy him doing normal things.  He creates a great and necessary distraction from the unthinkable.  He allows me to begin to think ahead again.
I notice his signals of awe and I sense my own stirrings of hope.  As much as it feels good to think positively about tomorrow, I don't want today's small moments to become buried in my subconscious, under the relentless wrath of her disease and the hurried pace of his toddlerhood. 
Holding good intentions for the future, I wonder whether we can ensure its betterness by making good now.


Christy said...

It's so fun seeing their sweet expressions when they spot something new...full of amazement and excitement! Glad there's a little bit of magic for you this Christmas.

rht said...

I love your hopeful heart and Tucker's joyful wonder.

Debi said...

What a sweet spark of hope. Each discovery is pure joy. Praying strength and hope over your Christmas season.
Love and hugs and prayers,