In the Blink

These are some of the last pictures of Tuck in his crib.  He is growing SO fast.  And although I get wistful that time is passing, I do not want to go back.  I would miss the small person he is right now way too much.
As I watch his life dilate I realize he is becoming less mine and I am becoming more his.  And I know how lucky I'll be as, through some blend of alchemy and devotion, he takes parts of me places I've never dreamed of going. 
First though, I'm hoping he'll learn to stay in his new bed.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
I find it a little sad that Tucker has outgrown his crib. However, his last party there was off the hizzy, fo' shizzy.
P.S. While our neighbors were away, Grandma Sandy put a live chicken in their house. Cops were called.

Clarks said...

Good Luck with the bed transition. Hoping it goes smoothly for you.

Debi said...

YAY Tucker in a BIG BOY BED!!!! AWESOME!!! Enjoy the adventure!!