In essence, sibling love is lovely

I realize there's been a shortage of pictures of Celie and Tuck.  The work of plucking one still moment often falls to Andy.  With the camera he is careful not to punctuate the soap bubble of a happy time, but to preserve the good it held.  Like here, a split second so delicate it almost popped and disappeared.

Tucker smears "wips" (his word for chapstick is "lips") all over his sister's face.
This picture won't win any awards, but in it we see a big ol' mess of beauty.
I’m not sure if our habit of searching for beauty and for good, of trying hard to catch it for posterity, is borne of the wisdom that comes with age, or whether it results from living in constant proximity to death. But I do know the effort it takes to focus on what’s good leaves the rest blurry and backgrounded.
There'll be more pictures to share soon.


Christy said...

Cora loves to put on "wip"stick too! This is adorable!

Poppy John said...

"Fank you" for the "wips", Tucker.
Question...Does anyone know why Grandma Sandy smells like Glade Plug-ins?