We were given, at Christmas, a remote to use with our camera.  We are still learning how to use it well.  Since we were all four bathed and dressed beyond pajamas at one point last week, we thought we'd give the novelty another shot.  None of the resulting photographs are stellar, but some of them capture something special.  Like the love that lives at our house.
I am grateful, more than those eight letters can really demonstrate, for the family within these walls.  Gratitude seemed, for some time after her diagnosis, impossible and remote, forever beyond heart's reach.  But I've learned that thankfulness can arrest a thousand thoughts of trouble.  So too can laughter over an unsuccessful attempt at a family portrait...


Anonymous said...

Those are some of the best family portraits I've seen. THAT'S real life. And I need one of those remotes so I can be in at least one of my pictures! ;)

Beth Ann said...

At our house if everyone's smiling, then the photo is a success. Congrats, you did it!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Can't you teach Colby to operate the camera? Don't you recall when you were little and our dog "Skunk" took all of the family photos?
P.S. Grandma Sandy got arrested in front of our church last night. Looks like we need to find a new place to renew our vows.

Christy said...

Love them! Your family is gorgeous!

Ninja Cate said...

Betz Babies,
You two little-and yet at the same time oh so big-ones have changed my life and my world in such spectacular ways. And I know that I am.not alone when I say the world is a better place for having you and your wonderful mommy and daddy in it. You are all loved and prayed for daily in our home. Zoey still points to the.pictures of Celia and Tucker on our fridge and talks about them quite frequently. You are a part of our lives and are so important to us. Zoey and I love you all so very much. You have changed our world and redefined love for us. Thank you Jenni, Andy, Celia, Tucker and Colby for sharing your lives with us all.


Cate and Zoey Rose

andrea | jene said...

"thankfulness can arrest a thousand thoughts of trouble" so true!!!! I will be quoting the great and wise Jenni Betz on this one. You are such an inspiration and oh what a way with words.

Love Love the family photos!!! They are perfect in every way.

Debi said...

Love the photos! You can feel the love and warmth. Such a beautiful family.
Love and hugs and prayers,