Almost Irresistible

He jumps off the side of the pool until it's time to go home.  "Last time," we say, before he soars and splashes.
He chooses two or three books at bedtime and, right before lights out, we remind him, "Last book."
He throws pennies into the fountain and, our pockets entirely empty, we explain, "Last coin."
He climbs the stool to reach the candy bowl, having climbed it for the same purpose minutes earlier.  "Last handful," Grandma advises.

He invents a game that involves putting his beez over your head and letting him find you.  "Last time," I smile and submit.

And then he suggests: "How about last time again?"


Poppy John said...

For those of you keeping score at home...don't you think that Jenni's two pictures of Tuck beat that "TV video of the zoo cat trying to bite through the glass and eat the toddler"? Tucker looks like lunch to a POLAR BEAR! He wins.


Beth Ann said...

Sweet crocs : )