Fro Yo

Warm sunshine drips through holes between clouds while porches begin to blush with geraniums.  Midday heat bullies us inside for a sweet snack, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say there’s just a hint of fantasy churned into the frozen yogurt we find.   Combined with a few blueberries, some crushed Reese cups and a sprinkling of Nerds we have ourselves a little celebration of summertime.


rht said...

"Gimme some oh dems"


Adam and Vicky said...

Yum! Hope your stops are daily!!! :) Fun photos . . .

Beth Ann said...

Those dispensers look to be the perfect height for Tucker to open wide while you guys pull down on the handle. If you pay by the ounce you could be in trouble doing it that way though! :)

Poppy John said...

You rich people amuse me.
Popsicles are like 12 cents.