On the Bright Side of Dawn

Enjoying the drowsy quiet of a new day.


Maggie said...

Do you loan him out? OMG is he cute.

Audriana said...

How cute can one baby be?? He is just so cuddly looking...totally precious! Your pictures of the kids always make me smile.

You are all still in my prayers...daily.

Tommie said...

He is seriously too cute for words!!

rht said...

I want to sit benext to him!

Emma! said...

Found your blog through Emma's Hugs, and I have spent the last two days reading your journey. You have done an amazing job chronicling your daughter's journey, and the journey of a family trying to heal. Thank you so much for giving insight and making others aware. It means more than you will know.
-Sending gentle thoughts your way,

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Tolliver looks a little flabby...should he be going to the gym more? Just curious.