So Loved

Yesterday made Tollie three months old. He had breakfast with G'Rod and G'Ro, buttermilk waffles and a bottle of milk, accordingly. He shared lunch with Poppy John and Grammy Sandy at a local pizza place. And then he helped deliver fried chicken to Grandpa Tim and Grandma Jan for dinner.
At the end of a busy day, the beginning of his fourth month here, I whispered in his ear: You are so loved.


Tiffany said...

Loved, loved and more loved! I can't decide what part of that picture is my favorite: Andy's expression or Tollie's bald nugget.

Christy said...

What's not to love?! Oh my goodness, he is so sweet!

Poppy John said...

Sooooo loved...but, only 3 meals a day...is that enough???

Miriam said...

The best moments captured are when you can see and feel the love between a parent and their child. A parent's smile of joy at their baby is like none other :)

Tommie said...

That picture is just precious! So much love going back and forth.

Groves said...

Oh, you dear, darling, sweet little LOVE of a Tollie!

(I think his Daddy must be so loved, too. Right on. Look at that look.)

Cathy in Missouri

Ninja Cate said...

We were tho king of you more than usual today. I made a doctor's appointment, and the earliest appointment was on 3/7. I thought of how incredible and lovely it is that 3 birthdays fall on that day for you. My heart is very much with you as that day is coming.

I just now put Zoey to bed, and we read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and it reminded me of a post you wrote regarding that very book. As I read it, it occurred to me that we should talk about y'all, so we traded a story for looking at pictures of all of you. Zoey very much knows all of you-we looked at your "Christmas Present" picture, and I was explaining who the mommy and daddy are and how old everyone is. I told her Celia's the oldest, Tucker is in the middle, and Tolkien is the baby. She thought quite hard about it, and told me that Celia is definitely in the middle.... As she quite literally was. And as she is in the middle of our hearts-as all of you are.
Even though I don't always get around to posting, please know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love and Hugs Always

Ninja Cate said...

I just noticed that Tollie got auto corrected to Tolkien. I promise I know your baby's name-I don't proofread enough-sorry!