five years ago

How do you celebrate your child's birthday without your child?
Hit the pinata especially hard, I suppose.

Or, as a wise friend suggested, think mostly about the day of her birth.
It was such a joyful occasion, five years ago, the day she joined our family and made parents and grandparents and aunts out of all of us.
We may not speak her name aloud each March 7th, we may not wrap her gifts and light her candles and cut her cake.  We will not hang streamers for her and take pictures of her and sing to her.  But we will not ever forget that it's her birthday, too.


Carrie said...

Happy 5th birthday to Celia . . . This post made me tear up. I have mentioned on here before that I connect to your family because my daughter is just weeks younger than Celia and my son is just a bit older than Tucker. I am remembering Celia's special life today.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Celia! As you don't know me, let me explain my LOVE of birthdays. There must be a gathering, an awesome and delicious cake, gifts of any kind, and dancing. My sons, nieces, and nephews have grown to understand that a party at Aunt Maggie's house will always have dancing. It's become legend that I will someday beat my 11-year-old nephew at a 'Worm' contest (for those of you who know what this is). Have I ever attempted it? No. Does he know this? Maybe, as he gets older. Does he still think there's a chance that I'm secretly the dancing queen that I profess? Absolutely. My point with describing this to you is . . . I cannot imagine the birthday parties that must exist in Heaven. What a party Celia must have had yesterday! AND, if I were in charge, she would certainly have had her share of dancing and dance contests.

And my heart still aches for your family. Hang in there. Lots of positive energy coming your way even though you might not always feel it.

Julie said...

Was thinking of you all and Celia yesterday. In truth, I send a warm thought to your family most days, but yesterday I thought especially hard :-)