Our Collection Grows

Grief washes in and shades everything blue, the spectrum of sorrow changes even the color of a tree.  Missing her may be the simple part.  Memories tinged with finality carry a heavy weight, a physical sadness, but imaginations, dreams, her future, missing those things feels worse.
There aren’t too many dark brushstrokes on our days, though.  Tuck makes sure of that.  There is nothing that makes him happier than surrounding himself with family, specifically cousins close in age to the sister who is not.  He asked to celebrate his birthday, for as long as we can remember, "with Audrey and Zessa at the nu-eez-um (museum)."  And with pancakes first.
He couldn't have been more tickled than by the chorus of his breakfast birthday song.  And he had so much fun molding clay with Grandpa and building wooden elephants with aunts, hiding in forts with cousins and making magnetic sculptures with Daddy.
Being older is an art.  He leads us through happy galleries of his own imagination, his own dreams, his brilliant future, and our collection grows.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday to Tucker.
Hearts and prayers to you.


Miriam said...

The nu-eez-um is so great :) And cousins to play with are even better! Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Tiffany said...

Your words amaze me day after day. I can't think of a better way for Tucker to celebrate this year. I'm glad it was a good day...and I love seeing all the smiles!