So far

Tucker turned three yesterday, and we'll forever be grateful for the happy distraction he creates.
Are there gifts that you'd like for your birthday, buddy?   
On my birthday I will get a red present, a green present and a blue present.  There will be cake in the red box and candles in the green box and a book in the blue box.
How old are you, Tuck?  Four.
No, not yet.  Five!
How did all these balloons get here?!
The Birthday Fairy came here while I was sleeping!  She is Santa's friend!
Do you think Celia had a good birthday?   
Celia is happy!  She is with Colby and they have pink balloons and she is happy!

So far, three is terrific.  We went swimming and he got a Moon in My Room from Aunt Kate and we had cupcakes and cookies and Jeni's ice cream and he had a sleepover with Aunt Molly.  And we have lots more celebrating planned for the weekend! 


Tiffany said...

He is getting so big!! I know that's so cliche...but he is!!! I'm so glad he had a great birthday...and that you were able to smile that day too!!!

P.S. We've just discovered Jeni's ice cream. Holy. Moley.

Anonymous said...

I love Tuck and I've never met him!

KB said...

That smile just says it all! Such a joy for life and everything around him and it shines through that irresistible grin!!

Debi said...

What a fun age! Everthing is majical! Glad it was a fun day for your family!