as if the whole world's been waiting for him

Most places we go, especially places with other children - like playgrounds or the church nursery, the zoo or fast food eateries - Tuck enthusiastically announces his own arrival.

"Hey guys, I'm here.  It's me, Tucker.  Here I am!"
His eagerness to make friends is so obvious it could be an identifying feature - shaggy blond hair, dirty fingernails, affable demeanor.
He runs full speed ahead toward perfect strangers, eyes wide with extraordinary warmth, smiling more from habit than from any particular expectation, voice confident and clear.  I'm here.

And I can think of a few of us who will always be glad when he shows up.


rht said...

Count us in!

"Come on everybody; let's all sing!"
The look on Tucker's face as the table full of adults joined in on A, B, C, D... is one I'll never forget.

Christy said...

What a fun stage! Cora always says "Hi, I'm Cora!" to everyone we come across in the store or wherever. Most smile and say hello and tell them their name too. Tucker is adorable!

Groves said...

The whole world IS waiting for you, Tucker.

And they're going to love you as much as we do. Who wouldn't?

You are that kind of guy. :)

Cathy in Missouri

Adam and Vicky said...

When Tucker arrives to a place we are also, Vanessa yells in her loudest voice "Tuck is here!" :)

The Wendels said...

I love the way his eyes light up as he spots you across the way - like the countdown before a rocket ship blasts off!