Brother Tucker

We don't normally allow Tucker to play with the metal measuring tape.  But when he asked if he could take it outside to see if it would reach all the way, all the way to Celia, we didn't say no.


McKenna said...

Oh I so understand this, we had a long day of asking when Hadley was coming home yesterday. Sending hugs to you and Tucker and his measuring tape.

Groves said...

Oh Tucker, you dearheart.

You have such a BIG heart.

Which breaks and warms everyone else's, watching you.

Breaks in the good way,

Cathy in Missouri

Andy and Jenni said...

Right, Cathy. I actually considered titling the post Just Surgically Extract my Heart. Again.

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Oh my! That boy is just remarkable.