Two Hours

I feel like this little boy fastens me to the earth.  He lifts my spirits to the sky, but he holds me right here in each day.  This afternoon we took a walk, and with no destination in mind, our adventure was a delight.  We found sticks and streams, collected wet feathers and wormy nuts, climbed rocks and ran through puddles.
Hey Tuck, whatcha doin'?
I caught an ant.  I will put him in my boot so he will be safe.  Then I can play with him later. 
What if the ant gets squished in there?
We have to be very quiet. That whys he can sleep and then he won't get squished.

Hey Mom, look what the beebers built.  
The who?
The veebers.  They built a fort to live in.  
Oh, cool!  The beavers did build a neat fort!
But they're not home right now.  The veebers are in the river looking for their family.  I will help them put more sticks on their fort.  The beavers will be so happy when they come home!

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Poppy John said...

Busy as a beeber!

So...how's the ant getting along?