That whys

Tucker still has his own way of saying a few things, and we're not in any hurry to correct them away.

At school this week, a classmate was excited to show Tuck his Mario shirt.  Tuck responded enthusiastically (although he has no idea who Mario is...):  That's meat!  Celia is on my shirt!

He's been saying meat for "neat" for as long as we can remember.
And instead of "that's why," he always says because that whys
I get to have ice cream for a treat because that whys I ate all my healthy things like my burrito and my applesauce, that whys I get some ice cream.

Here, he's wearing his Celia shirt and his undies (which he calls andies), on backward.  And that whys I like this picture.


rht said...

Tucker and Grandpa Tim found an 8 legged creature in the swimming pool yesterday. And the creature was Big. That whys Tucker decided the wolf spider they had captured was an octopus. I was too busy smiling to argue with him!

Groves said...

That's whys I often wonder, as I read here, what is in store for this boy who is growing less little every day.

What will the deep-feeling soul, the ever-unfolding child in that shirt do, as he becomes a man?

I think



or ordinary.

On tiptoe and waiting,

Cathy in Missouri

Tara said...

So cute!! You're a great story teller, I love reading your posts.

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

love. much.