All three of our children may have come from Heaven.

A few days ago, strapped into his carseat, Tuck was flying a miniature rocket ship through the air above his head.  From the back seat, I heard "Mama, let's build a real rocketship.  We need to use it to go get Celia.  I can get Colby and you can get Celia."

I'm afraid if I recorded all of the scenarios in which he brings up retrieving his sister from Heaven, they'd begin to sound contrived.
 Big sister's monkey jammies

I always tell Tucker that he's my favorite three year old.
After saying so today, I asked him who his favorite mama was.  He responded appropriately, followed by "And Andy is my favorite daddy and Tollie is my favorite brother.  But remember yesterday when I said we could build a rocketship?  To go get Celia?  We could also use it to take Tollie back."


The Wendels said...

Love him!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby andTucker,

Grandma Sandy wants you to build a rocket ship big enough to take Poppy back too.


courtney said...

so so cute

Monique said...

Sounds like a perfect three year old to me :-) Cute!

rht said...

Keep a close eye on Tucker and Tollie next time you go to the zoo... especially if you visit the alligaties.