On the roll

Recent photos from my phone.
1.  Best social media image from Celia's Walk. via jnferris
2.  Celie still makes the world feel small. via stuartjosborne
3.  T2 looks a bit like Grandpa Rod did pacing the band practice field.
4.  Visiting Grandma Jan on her birthday and reading about Small Hope.

5.  Lunch with Daddy at the hospital.
6.  Our first trip to IKEA! 
7.  Almost equal attention to drawing with crayons and trying to eat them.
8.   Trumpet lessons.  "No, Grandpa, like this." 

9.  Tubby time.
10.  Thanksgiving hugs.
11.  Good morning, Columbus.
12.  Happy Birthday, Kate.

13.  Book Club author Skype.
14.  Birthday baby.
15.  New couch nap.
16.  Victory hymn at BSPC.  #gobucks

17.  Brothers reading.
18.  Boxwood wreath.
19.  Cow-carrying-snake in children's pageant.
20.  Wide-eyed tree shopper.

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Beth Ann said...

I do believe the cow carrying snake is my favorite!