eleven years

On our first anniversary, Andy and I were both in graduate school -- he had class in the morning and I had class in the evening, and so we ventured to German Village for a lunch date.  We weren't setting out to start a tradition, but we've gone back to Lindey's, and have strolled through antique stores afterward, for eleven years now.
Together we've been sleep deprived and so, so sad, we've felt blessed and we've felt bewildered.  Together we've learned that tomorrow is not promised the way it looked yesterday, and we've discovered all sorts of ways to find the wonderful in today.  Together we're running the treadmill of grownup responsibilities and still trying to nourish pieces of our pre-parent selves.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Hope you are together long enough to go into the antique stores and see stuff you used to own.


Anonymous said...

You two seem like an amazing couple, committed to each other, your 3 children and family and friends. You have been through the saddest experience life can bring but are managing to find the best and continuing to smile.
Happy Anniversary and may the years ahead treat you gently and keep you
forever young.
Sue Kadlac