celebrating six

Tucker asked to celebrate his sixth birthday in Hocking Hills instead of with a party here.  Our plans changed at the last minute though, when we learned the cabin pipes were frozen.  A quick alternative became a day trip to Cincinnati to explore the Newport Aquarium (after we opened a few gifts, of course).  The boys enjoyed observing alligators and touching sharks.
Tuck annexed March seventh all week long -- a robot build with grandparents at the Lego store, chocolate covered strawberries with classmates at school, a Red Bird cake with Aunt Kate, cinnamon rolls for breakfast with Daddy, a movie with cousins at COSI and dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant with grandparents and aunts.  Turning six is a really big deal.
He didn't ask for much.  He hoped for some Fritos and cheese dip, for the next Captain Underpants chapter book, for new pajamas. He was thrilled to receive a rock and gem set, more circuitry stuff, a new Hangman board and a card full of cash (or delivery pizza money, in his economy).
We heard from a few of you about ways you remembered Celia.  Some ate donuts right along with us, some shared hockey tickets with other BDSRA families and some started new hash trends on Instagram.  Thank you for wearing your shirts and sending your love and telling her story on March seventh, and all the days.


rht said...

I love that picture of you and Celia and Tuck all together -- good people worth celebrating!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

When did Aunt Kate learn to bake?
Cool cake!