He really is.

Tucker asked me to print a blank map of continents so he could label it yesterday.  He explained that he'd seen something about Africa on a Wild Kratts episode and he wanted to learn more.
And then he brought me a poster he'd created that divided circles and squares into semi-circles and triangles to show halves and quarters and eighths.  He said he learned that from a computer game at school.
At almost six I feel him diverge from me more and more, rely on me less and less.  His life is supported by a larger cast of characters, teachers and classmates, cousins and friends.  And television programs and computer games, I guess.  
Anyway, he steps away from me and into his future and it all just seems so sophisticated.

He has earned money from the tooth fairy, had photo day at school, he mails letters to loved ones and puts clean dishes in cupboards unprompted.
Everything he does comes with an added level of exceptionalness, because he did it first, because none of our kids have ever done it before.  Because she didn't get to do any of it, maybe.
But mostly because he really is rather exceptional.


Christy said...

Yes, he is!

Poppy John said...

So is his mom.


Kristy G said...

We love Wild Kratts. Tucker is pretty stinkin' cool.

Sue Kadlac said...

Tucker doesn't miss a thing in his enriched environment! What a special sweet, smart boy he is.