My side

Yes you may have a banana for breakfast.  And bacon, sure.  Oh, and a blueberry muffin with green icing?  Okay. Yes, I do like your police motorcycle.  Yes, it does look fast!  Yes, I’m glad you told me.  You always should.  Yes, I am still happy at you.  No, it won't hurt anything if you press that button, but thank you for asking.  No, that outfit does not make you look like the tiniest enrollee in clown school.  Not really, anyway.  No, we cannot go to the library, it’s not open this early.  I agree, making a sturdy foundation is difficult, but I think you can do it.  You're right, that is the tallest block tower I've ever seen!  Of course I'll push you on the swing, that was a polite request. Oh, you do look like an airplane!  No, actually we need to keep the lid on Tucker's Lego bin today.  Yes, you may have more milk.  I love that book, I'll be glad to read it!  Oh yes, absolutely, you are very funny.  And smart!  No, I'm afraid I don't know anything else about bones, you'll need to ask Daddy when he comes home.  Yes, you took a great nap, thank you!  I'm not sure what a snow car is, but yes, we can bundle up and go out and try to build one. Yes, I do hear those birds, but I don't think macaws live in Ohio?  Certainly, you can have some of daddy's steak with the red muscles for dinner.  Yes, he does like to share.  No, it's not dark yet.  No, there are no ghosts, or monsters, or crocodiles under your bed.  Daddy put them all outside.  Oh yes, I do like those jammies, good choice. Yes, I would love a kiss and a hug.  Yes, always, you can.

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rht said...

Yes. Always, you can.
Especially if you wear three bathing suits and a pair of moon boots!