weekend bookends, with not much in between

Saturday morning the boys were circled around a very large container of Legos. They might have stayed there all day if I'd delivered things like apple slices and water bottles as requested.

Sunday evening, after a couple hours at the indoor pool, they were curled under the master bedroom duvet with a flashlight and a book, lost in a world of entertainment and companionship.

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Poppy John says,"That's all good. Don't be concerned."
The Buckeyes took the weekend off, too.

I just put water bottles, Legos and apple slices in the Gator...tell the boys. Come on down, before the deer eat the apple slices.

P. S. Parental insight...Saturday morning, you should have had a pizza delivered...win/win. That's what I did when you and Kate Baby were little.