rise up

Hank never complains about a Monday. Never. He is up early, eating stuff, chasing things, getting after the day. Basically reminding everyone he'd like to be in charge.

Meanwhile, one of his older brothers can tell you exactly how many more Mondays are left before summer break. When that one is awakened at at too early o’clock he moans something that sounds remarkably like it's one consonant shy of profanity, like if Monday had a face he'd punch it.
It has nothing to do with going to school, and everything to do with wishing for more sleep.
He comes by that honest.
We're still trying to figure out where Hank got his get up and go.


rht said...

Come on, Mama -- there are tulips to count!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Has Andy started counting Mondays until retirement?