what goes up

We keep finding Hank on the kitchen counter. Right benext to the knives.
Turns out our new drawer pulls line up to make a good ladder.
Actually, that probably doesn't matter, as Hank has discovered his own rolling stool.
He pushes the wheeled crane from room to room, climbing, and we keep finding him on top of dressers and tables too, calling for us:
Mama! Mama, pick Hank DOWN!


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Remember how we got you and Sis to stop doing this...by placing broken glass on top of all elevated surfaces? A couple of trips to the ER and it was game over.

Really, it may be time to attach some furniture pieces to the wall...I'd be willing to help.

"Have tools will travel. Wire Poppy, West Virginia." You and your friends are way too young to even "get" that!


Kristy Grachek said...

Oh my word Hankers! RJ has just started this...placing the book basket near the toy shelf to climb into a cube, hiking his leg up and getting on the coffee table... send help.

rht said...

Good thing Andy can do stitchwork.... yikes!