big ideas

Hank is privileged to have both parents home more days than not, narrating average everythings and answering all the questions.
Older brothers are a certain advantage too, reading to him and pretending with him and teaching him.

Last week on a walk, Hank told Aunt Kate he had an epiphany.

He is eager to hear about the boys' word of the day. Recently he described Ohio's gray sky as drab.

Today he lined up several chairs and arranged things across the seats, attempting to build an elevated tunnel.

This evening he helped polish silver, learning about oxidation.

I am not saying Hank's the smartest three year old in the state.

Not too long ago he came into the kitchen with holes in his pajama pants and said:  I wasn’t just cutting with scissors. That was a ghost.

He mentioned this afternoon that when Nora maybe says the word "dumb" he is *not* the one who taught her.

He sings Lizzo lyrics not quite right: I do a head toss, check my lips.

Things like curiosity and perseverance and kindness rank way higher than intelligence here, and Hank knows that.
But his "desk" does look a little like Einstein's.


rht said...

A cluttered desk IS a sign of intelligence! ;>

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
I am okay with Hank not being the smartest 3 y/o in the state.
Being the brightest one in Franklin County, Ohio is fine.
That should enable him to be future Pulitzer material.
That's good enough.


P.S. He is so cute and funny, he doesn't have to be smart (!) FACT

Christy said...

Your kids are amazing! Such a reflection of the two of you.