twitter and congress, and our house

Outside, forest bathing and dirt worshipping and rock skipping and critter searching, the boys get along, mostly.

Inside, the fireplace is a source of warmth that seems to force togetherness. Limbs are tangled and voices are loud and Andy stands calmly in the corner making another pot of coffee, making coffee great again, while I stand utterly hopeless as a mother involved in the politics of brotherhood.

It could be argued that sibling conflict is practice for future relationships?
Sometimes staying vigilant to accurate observations keeps the balloon of me from floating off into anxious projection.

What order do we have left, I wonder? Please don’t let this disintegrate into lawless chaos like Twitter or Congress or something, I think, as I contemplate sending them back outside.

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Maybe it would be best for Congress to go outside (?)