Epic Babies come from Epic Daddies

Celia's Dad was honored this past weekend, having been nominated by a former professor (for whom Andy guest teaches a suture class each quarter, and whose NP students Andy precepts at Grant) and by students who have worked with him in Trauma, for OSU's College of Nursing Distinguished Recent Alumni Award for 2008. Celia's nap (and a few minutes spent stuck with the stroller on the handicap lift) prevented us from arriving to hear his acceptance speech, but rumor has it he did a fine job. And, Celia's nap did allow for a fabulous evening of celebrating, with drinks and hors de oeuvres at OSU's Faculty Club (where Celia made her own speech at the podium) and later with an incredible dinner at one of our favorite places in Grandview, Spagio.



Grandma Jan said...

... and from epic mommas.

:) Grandma Jan

Molly Holstein said...

Congrats Andy! Celia's right...her Daddy is awesome. =)

Adam and Vicky said...

I'm sure Celia gave a fabulous speech and included how proud she is of her daddy and how thankful she was that her mommy went above and beyond to get her to the ceremony and celebration festivities fully rested! Although I'm sure you ended up with much better photos than what Adam was able to take with our camera, we'll still share ours with you.