F is for..

F is for fairy.  We saw a card recently that put it best: Faeries truly are worth the wait.

F is for favorite.  Our family has long been fond of Cardthartic's cards, but our affection for them has flourished over the past few weeks.  The Cardthartic team has been fantastic.  In planning the fundraiser, they've done some fancy footwork to arrange the perfect atmosphere, to acquire amazing raffle prizes, to ensure that the event will be fun. We're huge Cardthartic fans.

F is for future.  We received a letter in the mail recently, from BDSRA, outlining four new projects focused on developing a treatment for Infantile Batten Disease.  The studies range in approach from enzyme replacement and gene therapy, to new compounds and canine carriers.  This summer BDSRA was able to provide grants to each of the four researchers, enough to carry the projects for six months, but in order to see the studies to completion further funding is necessary; BDSRA needs to raise approximately $100,000 by February 2010.  We are thrilled that Cardthartic's event at the Book Loft this evening will benefit BDSRA and will aide in allowing researchers to continue their work.
A cure for Batten Disease is difficult to wait for.  Our family is not holding out hope for our own little fairy to be cured.  But we'll keep our fingers crossed for other families and for the future, and we'll hope the researchers have plenty of fairy dust in their labs.



Beth Ann said...

I'll be there tonight to show my support. Thank you Cardthartic!!!

Joyce Donahue said...

Wish we could be there...........but we'll be there is spirit. We thinking good thoughts of healthy fairies raising lots of money for BDRSA.

The Wendels said...

What a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for including us in such a wonderful event!