Full House

We added eight feet to our house this week.  Our home is full of extra toys and loads of laughter.  The Iowa gang is here...  the Buckeyes and the Hawkeyes are enjoying each others' company.  We've had time to sit and visit, to crochet and cook, to make chalk drawings and feed fish in the pond, to throw football and swim and pick apples.  We intend to tailgate on Saturday and celebrate Tucker's baptism on Sunday.  We're so glad the Vaudts are here again.

The dads are happy.

The moms are happy.

The kids are happy.  Well, mostly happy.  We haven't been able to negotiate a photograph of all four of them together because they haven't all been awake/not crying at the same time.  But, in general, they're happy.
And we hope you're happily surrounded by some of your favorite people and favorite things, too.


Grandma Jan said...

I am just wondering what the kids are all thinking ...

You have a blessed friendship. Enjoy!

The Wendels said...

I hope you have a weekend full of love, laughter, and priceless memories.

Poppy John said...

Hope the Dads...
have an enjoyable weekend shotgunning Keystone Lights.
Hope the Moms... can lounge around in Iowa flannel shirts that would make 1992 cringe.
Tell the babies... that I totally take back all of the times I didn't want to take a nap when I was a kid!
Love to all 8 and GO BUCKS!

News flash...TRUE... a local 2nd grade teacher told her class that leprechauns are the children of midgets.

Adam and Vicky said...

So happy you guys are enjoying your time together! How awesome!

rht said...

G'Ro's new rule = Nothing trumps a full house!

Christy said...

Very cool! Have a great weekend!