Earth Angels

Do angels have angels? We think so. This weekend, we got to introduce our angel to one of hers. Celia's very own Iron(wo)man, Mandy, was in town for the Buckeye home opener.  We were thrilled to be able to thank Mandy in person, and to introduce the two lovely ladies.



Poppy John said...

A & J,

I opened your post while sitting on the couch on my front porch...
long cord, still have dial-up...
and was thrilled to see three of MY favorite angels along with angelman. It's like a Poppy John Palooza(PJP). Grandma Sandy(who, as you know, is in the eyewear business) says that, "Big sunglasses are the new paper bag." However Mandy pulls it off...she's beautiful both inside and out!

Love to All 5...add Mandy

P.S. I'm working on inventing an index for dictionaries to help you find words easier! Don't tell anyone until I get a copyright.

Joyce Donahue said...

Thanks again to Mandy from a big Celia fan!!!!
Mandy you are definitely as beautiful on the outside as you are n the inside.
And way to go Buckeyes!