To tide you over till we can take time to tell more:

Tucker tasted apples.

Tucker mooned USC.

Tucker may have proposed to Abby.

Tucker tailgated, disguised as Tressel.


Yesterday Tucker was baptized (pictures soon!) and today Tucker had his 6 month well-visit.
He is 19 pounds, 27 inches, and has lots of room for brains in his head.  He sits up and makes the "d" sound and the "b" sound and likes prunes but not carrots.
And he is very, very well-loved.


rht said...

Best grandson ever!

Christy said...

Sounds like a good match for Cora!

The Wendels said...

Love a good Tucker fix

Poppy John said...

During pre-game, while Tucker was sitting with me, he had a little burst of gas which "lifted" him slightly off of my lap. I believe that someday he may have superpowers...and be able to fly. I intend to advise him to keep his identity secret by wearing a gasmask and use the code name, "Fartboy." He and I will live in the Poppy John Cave and seek...TRUTH...JUSTICE...and the AMERICAN WAY!

Love to All 4 and the gang at the game!

P.S. Why didn't the USC tailgaters invite us to join them in playing "strip" Rock, Paper, Scissors???? Just curious.

Adam and Vicky said...

What a lot of fun! And T makes a great Coach T!