This morning I deemed it time to begin holiday decorating.  I hadn't anticipated how much help I'd have.  Although I got out coloring books and farm animals, Tuck's interest lay squarely in the old laundry detergent buckets labeled Christmas.  He pulled out funnel trees, which quickly became hats and megaphones.  He broke Joseph's hand in a hasty introduction, but then situated him in the center of the living room rug, right in front of the television.  He applied his favorite "the babies on the bus cry waa, waa, waa" lyrics to a swaddled Jesus.  He bit off the nose of a birdseed Santa.
I haven't managed to replace the acorns and wheat on the mantel, my primary decorating goal today.  But in the midst of a scene in which my intentions appear to have gone awry, my attention is drawn toward what we have done, what we do have.  My heart glances down at its source of joy and I find indescribable magnificence.


Poppy John said...

What's up with Tuck's blue and maze Michigan shirt? WTH? Burn it!


P.S. Grandma Sandy is trying "No Heat November"...but so far, additional booze to stay warm has offset any savings.

Joyce Donahue said...

Your posts are my favorite "daily reader" .....
your entries are usually just what I need to pull me back to what is real in life.