Tenacious C

A few weeks ago Celia was very, very sick.  Each day, as her cough progressed and her lungs filled with more fluid, we prepared to say goodbye.  Among other things, LOTS of other things, we worried that she wouldn't be able to be at her walk.  But she is resilient, and even though she does not have the life we meant to give her at birth, she is a master of good living.  And she's not done yet.
 Kisses from Vanessa and getting to know new cousin Zane must be part of what Cel's sticking around for.

Celia reminds us what life is about.  It may be one of the primary reasons so many of you have grown to love her.  It's certainly one of the things we love most about her, the way that - even though she doesn't have much to work with - she lives well, and teaches us to do the same.  It's one of the things we hope to keep with us after she's gone.
We cannot wrest control of Celie's fate from her defective genetic code.  She will die.  We know that we can't help her.  But we would like to help children like her, and you ensure that we do not have to do that alone.  You share with us your sincere interest in our effort to eradicate the disease, accompanied by your capacity to give without expecting much in return.  Thank you, in advance, for helping the OSU MICU's campaign to raise awareness and critical funds to fight Batten Disease.  All of you help us create the Celia who will live in our minds forever.  

Sunday, November 21 -- 1:00 pm
Antrim Park --  Worthington
$5.00 per walker, 100% of proceeds to BDSRA for infantile research
additional $5.00 for BDSRA shirt, if interested

If we were able to be there Sunday, we'd hug each of you.


Anonymous said...

I feel very blessed to know all of you. Where can we donate if we can't make the walk?

rht said...

Look at all those red curls... cute cousins together.

Susan said...

We are having our own experience with OSU Medical Center and I have to say that although the news has not been good, the quality of care and caring that we have experienced has been extrordinary. Please pass on a way that we might be able to donate directly.

The Wendels said...

We're getting things ready for the walk...still not clear who might me riding in the wagon; Molly or Daddy. Anyone interested in making some predictions?

Debi said...

Precious picture of cousins! Celia is teaching us how to live well.

I'm with elastamom and Susan in wondering where to donate, directly to BDSRA on their site? I would want my donation to be connected with Celia's walk if possible.

Adam and Vicky said...

Celia certainly reminds us!

Ninja Cate said...

This is SOOOOOO sweet it gives me a toothache!

The Vehorn Family said...

We could not make it to the walk, but we too would like to make a donation. Please advise! Thanks.