Nothing Short

We've got this perfect Tucker of the saggy diaper and the multiple word strings, of the finicky food choices and the inclination to dismantle everything, of the happy heart and the tiny tantrums. Watching him, our second, typical child, pass through infancy and breeze through toddlerhood feels nothing short of miraculous.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Last week he was "onery."
This week he is "perfect."
Do you have a ghost writer?


P.S. Grandma Sandy has been talking about letting a guy she met(from Russia)live under our basement stairs. WTH?

Christy said...

Yes, exactly!

Debi said...

An amazing little man you have there! Enjoy each day!

zarniegall said...

This picture says so much about Tuck...LOVE IT!!!

andrea | jene said...

Great picture!! I love the natural light and his sweet little expression.