1.  a good reminder that I don't really need six more cups of coffee or eleven million dollars
2.  Carmen in Cayman via @daytonerwife
3.  #notohio
4.  Ohiowa forever
5.  triple date via @daytonerwife
6.  home again

7.  junior Lego League
8.  Tolliver recognized himself immediately: I have red hair and a green shirt and a mad face
9.  cousins at Thanksgiving
10.  unsolicited yard help is the best
11.  tailgate birthday songs, times three
12.  sprinkle cake and more cousins
13.  November birthday buddies
14.  four 

 15.  if you did the right thing and you'd do it again
16.  Grandpa and the Grinch
17.  because December tries to steal the light
18.  all the parts of my heart
19.  the image that pretty much won the internet this week via @mollyholstein
20.  our newest family member #johndamon #chelseysdream


rht said...

I love every one of these pictures... and I need to know more about Bertie and Sadie.

Andy and Jenni said...

Mom, it's from The Lake House by Kate Morton. Ask Jan to borrow! Julia sent it, and Jan let me take it on vacation before she read it herself ;)

jan said...

Rosie, you are next in line for "The Lake House". It is coffee-beach sand - toothpaste drops covered in love book.