post holiday

This time of year the sun hardly clears the horizon before it seems to sink away again.
But the brightness of the holiday does not wane, the twinkling lights, the eyes shining, full of expectation.
Children change the tenor of the season, make it more magical for all of us.  I used to think there was nothing better than being a kid on Christmas morning.  As a parent now, I know better.

After the Christmas Eve candlelight service, a simultaneously beautiful and terrifying tradition, we readied cookies and hot cocoa and letters for Santa.  Also, the boys reminded us that Silent Night is really just a song and not so much a practice.
We've tried to make generosity part of the holiday routine, and have found a few ways to involve the boys without denying them their own small pile of gifts.  Tuck and Tollie woke up to several special treats - junk food and new iPad apps, a blue harmonica and lots of books.

We celebrated with both sides of the family, too, devoting ourselves entirely to amusement and appreciation.

Of note:  If you are considering an end of year donation, please be aware that BDSRA's Annual Fund has another December match, so your contribution, made by Dec 31, could be doubled.


rht said...

Thanks for sharing your time and your boys and your selves with us... 'Twas a Merry Christmas!

Drew Watts said...

I agree that kids are important part in parties. When I organized Christmas party at Chicago event venues last year, I had invited all friends of my kids. They were really happy in party and enjoyed food and games. I am thankful that you have shared great pictures here.