in the kitchen

In the beginning he was a beginner, because that’s what we all are when we start something new.

Now Tolliver can crack an egg, snap asparagus at just the right spot, slice hot pizza and butter his own bread.
He is still really just a beginner in the kitchen though.
Despite that, I love the way that even as he is learning, he sees himself as a strong contender in the next Top Chef of Tupperware Heights.

His help slows everything down and doubles the mess, but we value immersion in the bigger world, the humbling nature of being a beginner, the unabashed courage it takes to try something entirely new.


rht said...

Look at expression on his face -- holding those brussel sprouts!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Where's the b-e-e-f (?)

Is the local health inspector okay with how the "hallway kitchen" floor looks?

Is he ready for Master Chief Junior? What a great tv show! You should see if he enjoys it.


Poppy John said...

OOOPS...I think I meant...C-H-E-F (!)

Sandy was bothering me...and I was typing with my injured hand...and the computer didn't underline it as a mistake...too much to deal with today.

Ask me a math question.

Andy and Jenni said...

Dad, you know Tolliver asks for steak for breakfast every morning, just like Andy? All the beef gets cooked outside on the egg... and he helps with that too :) And I know you know how to spell. But even if you didn't, it's okay to still be a beginner, even at your age. We've not seen Master Chef - can the boys watch it when we visit you guys? Also, Tuck will have plenty of math questions then... I've been telling him to save them for you. He was adding twelves out loud the other day, and did 12 + 12 = 24, 24 + 24 = 48, 48 + 48 = 96 and then he got stuck enough to become sidetracked...

Poppy John said...

You guys are the best parents in the world.